Our solutions focus on current topics of transformation in companies and organizations. We design effective learning experiences with camps, open spaces, trainings, coachings etc, tailor-made for your challenges.

Our solutions are always designed for your specific needs. From our comprehensive repertoire and catalogue of learning modules, didactic formats and exciting preparations, we create a real learning experience with great effect for your transformation with our Solutions. This makes you want to try something new, to break new ground, opens horizons and creates a common spirit.

Current examples from our Solutions Portfolio

Leading Transformation

LEADING TRANSFORMATION – Transformation as a new routine, leaders as masters of change. Expand and build new skills with mindsets, effective methods and smarter tools.

Training course with 3-day camp / coachings,
approx. 60 rounds with approx. 940 executives.”
Leaders in a new Role

LEADERS IN A NEW ROLE – Basics, new management techniques, methodological knowledge are the basis especially for managers in new positions.

Coaching / pilot approach with 4 x 0.5 days coaching,
about 420 participants.
Leaders in Practice

LEADERS IN PRACTICE – Interactive online learning with expert input, practical examples and reflection of your individual situation.

Global Online Leadership Program with 20 modules for 1’000 leaders in 23 countries
Agile Thinking

AGILE THINKING for executives, executives and teams – aims at a deep understanding and discussion of agile ambitions and visions, values and principles as well as methods and tools. Always transferred to your practice, “On the Job” – for immediate application and testing.

Training course with 3-day camp / group coaching,
approx. 40 rounds with approx. 620 participants.”
Agile Habits

AGILE HABITS starts with habits and patterns of action. How can managers and employees leave previous automatisms behind and live agile mindsets and paradigms such as self-control, constant learning, cooperation and dealing with mistakes REALLY in everyday life?

Training course with 2-day camp / coachings,
approx. 30 rounds with approx. 380 managers.”
Agile Leadership

AGILE LEADERSHIP aims at a true agile understanding of leadership and repertoire: supporting and training employees, enabling top teams, sharing responsibility and focusing on customers. Re-understand and (re-)learn one’s own leadership role.

Train the Trainer approach with 2 x 2-day camp / coachings,
approx. 15 rounds with approx. 120 participants.”
Leading Simplicity

LEADING SIMPLICITY – better manage the growing complexity and achieve new simplicity – in products, services, processes and organization. With techniques such as complexity management, systems thinking and lateral thinking, relevant leaps can be achieved.

Training course with 2-day camp / coachings,
approx. 10 rounds with approx. 110 executives.”
Operational excellence

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE – sustainable improvements for the operational business: cost efficiency, quality improvement, innovation and speed. Developing and operationalizing effective levers – simultaneously AM system and IM system, with pressure and suction.

Training course with 2-day camp / coachings,
approx. 22 rounds with approx. 430 executives.”
Clever steuern

CLEVER STEERING – new organizational forms need new control: simpler, more transparent, more result-oriented. Supports self-organisation, flat hierarchies and agile working methods. With innovative methods like OKR, Zero-Based, Kanban, etc.

Workshop approach with 2 x 1-day workshop / coaching,
approx. 10 rounds with approx. 180 participants.”

Clever learning fundus

A broad pool of knowledge, methods and tools for your transformation forms the basis for the solutions. This can be used quickly and pragmatically in the solutions and is nevertheless very effective.



agile PM/Scrum, agile roles, agile meetings, Kanban, DevOps Maturity Check, etc.



Early Stage, Thinking outside the Box, Innovation Lab, Stage Gate, Open Innovation, Innovation KPIs, Complexity Management etc.



Transformation Architectures, Transformation Design, My Transformation Canvas, Cultural Assessment, etc.



Managing People, Leading Myself, Managing Conflicts, Time Effectiveness, Decision Making, etc.

Process Implementation


Process Design, Process Performance Check, Process Labs, Swimlane, RAKI , Process Maps, Process Agilisation etc.

Strategy & Businessmodel


Market Scenarios, Segmentation, Target Groups, Personas, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Design, Customer Journey, Strategy Kanban, Strategy Coaching etc..

Communication & Collaboration


Storytelling, Story Boards, Virtual Collaboration, Meeting Innovation, Issue Management, Social Operating System, etc.

HR & Talent Management


Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition, HR Platforms, L&D Design, Leadership Development, Train the Trainers, Leaders develop Leaders, etc.