Today Learning is the key to tomorrow’s business success and to successful transformation. We call this smart learning.

SMART LEARNING is the core of Upgrade Solutions. Today, learning has to happen in everyday life, directly on the job and at all levels. Managers and employees must develop new “crafts” and gain new insights – change of mindset. This works best together with fun and tangible success. Levaraging new learning technologies and blended learning.

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Business centric, on the job

Solutions aligned with business, build new capabilities for your future success. Learning solutions that work directly and measurably for your business – practical, effective.

Craft and attitude

Solutions always focus on practical and methodical skills (craftsmanship) and on convictions, will and culture (attitude). Learning always takes place in one’s own work-environment.
Latest contents is combined with innovative methods and learning techniques. We mobilize people and work on mindset.

Modulare Solutions

Modular set-up

Solutions are modular and easy to configure. Like a toolbox.
Content, didactic tools and technology are combined as needed, supplemented and developed to become effective learning journeys.

Good design

Solutions are designed to be inspiring and inviting to enhance team motivation.
Today excellent visualization is key for a sustainable learning experience – fun and excitement play an important role in this.

Blended and scalable

Solutions fit into different learning environments (online and offline) and are flexibly scalable.
Especially for large-scale transformations, e-Learning tools are a straightforward solution.