Your needs determine the development strategy. Both with content and technical excellence of our Solution Modules we design and deliver the appropriate learning paths.

Herausforderungen verstehen

Understanding challenges

A good understanding of the initial situation and the ambition is a prerequisite for effective usage of the solutions. We’ll work with you to define both goals and strategy.

Solutions Umsetzung

Compose Solutions

Basis are our solutions products, formats and tools. From this we develop the specific learning journeys for your transformation. If required, our own developments can be additionally installed or we design additional specific products. We work with eLearning solutions.

Solutions Design

Deliver Solutions

We deliver in high quality and with enthusiasm. Our trainers and facilitators are proven professionals, long-term consultants, organizational developers, coaches with extensive practical experience.

Solutions Goals

Reap results

Our ambition is always noticeable and visible change. The effect of interventions is measured and observed. We work with suitable indicators, maturity measurements and partly with tests.

Solutions Formats and Tools

Solutions Lernstrecke

Solutions Journey

Transformation is a process – we understand it as an organisational learning process. And learning is always a journey. We think consistently in such “learning journeys”, with clear goals, effective formats, interventions and tools. It is people who go on a journey – with desire, enthusiasm and courage”.


Agile Coaching
Solutions Camp

Solutions Camp

A Solution Camp is a highly effective training session of 1-3 days. In the camp, people communicate, discuss, try out, practice, learn and reflect. Crucial: Contents and concepts are translated “on the job” -> each participant transfers what he has learned into his own situation already in the camp. Pragmatic, demanding, energetic.


Agile Habits Camp
Agile Thinking Camp
Learning Nugget

Solutions Nugget

Solution nuggets are a “gemstones” for transformations. Well-tested, essentially designed approaches that can be used quickly and with little effort in various situations. Nuggets always refer to highly topical topics, inspire and take managers, employees or teams forward by leaps and bounds.


Solutions Learning Nuggets
Solutions Learning Tool

Solutions Tools

We have a broad repertoire of transformation and learning tools at our disposal. These are smaller and more comprehensive methods, tools, approaches. These tools bring new knowledge, enable new ways of seeing and working, and target mindset changes. The tools form a modular construction kit and can be used in various situations. Our repertoire or Solution Toolbox is constantly growing.


Solutions Workbook
Solutions Cards
Solutions Canvas
Blended Learning

Blended Solutions

We build solutions with a blended learning approach for fast and scalable implementation. We combine live (presence trainings), virtual trainings, coaching and web-based trainings. In addition to our own learning modules, we can also integrate your own and purchased eLearning content (e.g. via LinkedIn Learning). We like to use Moodle and Webex as platforms or use the existing platforms of our customers.


Blended Learning